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Discussion on: Yes, ColdFusion is "Unpopular". No, I don't care.

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Michael Born Author

You sound upset that Lucee doesn't offer a funky JS calendar widget. I'm sorry. As for MS Exchange, I've simply never met such a thing (read about it in old books though), and there's a perfectly workable CFPDFForm Lucee extension. If Lucee actually wasn't a viable product, then guess what... we wouldn't use it.

I apologize for your poor experience with the community. After being bludgeoned over the head for 10 years with cries of death, please pardon us for carrying a shield. And we have a lot more experience in other languages than you'd expect.

Lest you think I'm a narrow-headed dev with my head stuck in the sand, I wrote a piece on our "Legacy of legacy". Yep, we do have work to do - as a language, as a community, in documentation and in frameworks. But it's worth the climb up, at least if you're running Lucee.