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Discussion on: Escaping tutorial purgatory as a new developer

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Mike Freedman

I'm in this purgatory. Even when I know having a working side project is better for my experience, my career and is ultimately more fun once you get going. What keeps pushing me back to watching youtube and Pluralsight is that I feel I'm being more productive with my time.

Side projects are hard to get off the ground. Once you get started you actual coding, you may be messing with the simplest thing for two hours that you thought should take 20 minutes.

After working your day job and taking care of other day to day responsibilities, you may only have 2 hours for deliberate practice. It doesn't feel great when you such a small reward for putting in 2 hours of work. Watching a well done tutorial or Pluralsight course can provide a lot of new information in one video and it feels like that time is well spent.

I understand that it's habit I need to break. Those coding sessions on a personal project will ultimately be more rewarding. And what is the point of learning the skills if you aren't going to apply them?