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I like your choice of technologies ;-)!

I wrote to blog posts about the same topic if you're curious. My posts use Sapper as a static site generator, but you can easily adjust it to use it for SSR.

Let me know if you have any questions about that.


Wow that was so much in detail try writing those in medium and dev to for SEO so that users like can get reference while deploying the code with less hassles.

Keep up the good work !


When I publish a new post on my blog, it gets automatically cross-posted to dev.to. You can see the code for that at github.com/mikenikles/www-mikenikl....

FYI, my entire website is open source: github.com/mikenikles/www-mikenikl....

As for cross-posting to Medium, I no longer use Medium (mikenikles.com/blog/migrating-from...). That blog post also contains details of my own blog's architecture.

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