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Discussion on: 10 rules to code like NASA (applied to interpreted languages)

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Mike Schinkel

"there was no budget allocated to software on the Apollo program."

In those days software was an afterthought for bean counters. Back then it was just rolled into "Development & Operations." And with $28.7 billion in inflation adjusted dollars for that line item, let's just say they had enough money to get it right. Which is rare for software projects today.

"applying those rules saves time and not the opposite"

Let me first say that I wrote a long comment that was subsequently eaten by my browser's interaction with this website and its lack of maintain a cookie-based copy of comments in progress. And that comment started out by saying that your article was great and that it had a lot of really good advice. Unfortunately I was weary of typing it in again so sadly it was lost to the ether.

But your article also had a few points of opinion, the nature of which is impossible to prove is time saving in its application. To assert otherwise would just be hubristic and would illustrate nothing more than confirmation bias. #fwiw