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Discussion on: Creating a fun, fast, secure and sustainable website

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mikewfoster • Edited

Edit: I think your high contrast mode covers what I mention below. So feel free to disregard =)

Super creative and well thought out. I appreciate the attention to accessibility and your consideration for users with vision impairment.

I think it is important to remember though that what we deem to be readable as individuals will not reflect the experience of all. It's great users are able to change the color scheme as they see fit, but I think it would be a nice feature to include a few pre-made schemes, one of which was compliant with color contrast standards.

Really awesome work!

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Mads Stoumann

Thank you! I think my next step will be looking into forced-colors and forced-colors-adjust, allowing the user to set the colors themselves via the OS – but maybe calculate some of the colors, based on the user's preference.