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Thank you for being someone else that doesn't care about the tools used. I thought I was almost alone.

Anyone that cares more that the Sistine Chapel was built with a shovel than the architecture and beauty of it is monumentally silly and looking for vain things to brag about.

I personally think that a customer should be left with a variant of the (somewhat stupid) gun motto ("You can have my software when you pry it from my cold dead hands"). Almost nobody cares that you used a particular technology, unless you did something crazy (e.g. Wrote a web server in BASH, just because you could) or you did it in a very unique manner (thinking outside the box).

Anyone with more than 5 years experience should be able to have a reasonably long list of technologies they've dealt with. After the list has 20 things on it (like a 10+, 20+, 30+ year developer) the count is immaterial. I always think: It's not an accomplishment unless many have said it can't be done; there's nothing special about doing something "normal" with a reasonable tool... that's just doing work that isn't deserving of applause.

Your Sistine Chapel comparison is great, I might have to steal that!

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