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Discussion on: What's new in React 18 ?

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Rasmus Schultz • Edited

Batching and transitions frankly are not features I like.

They may be useful for esoteric things like games - and they may be necessary for really complex real time UI, such as animated charts, if you insist on coding those things using virtual DOM, which seems like a questionable practice to begin with.

For the majority use-case, features like these become a distraction - a cause for nitpicking over micro optimizations and opinionated debate, adding unnecessary extra complexity.

React is already pretty big and complex, considering the problem it solves for most people in most common scenarios: creating and updating DOM elements.

I think stuff like this is overkill, and frankly not something most people should need, or should need to care about - because it's not solving problems we should be having in the first place.

Just my two cents, but I don't know how to get excited about features that, for the most part, are only necessary because either virtual DOM is too slow for what you're building, or you're building the wrong things with the wrong tools.

Solving these problems is only fancy and impressive until you realize why these problems needed to be solved to begin with.

I like simple things.