re: Why we went with PreactJs to power the dev.to frontend VIEW POST


I've been tinkering with hyperHTML, HyperApp, Preact, React, Snabbdom and others for some months now, and the one I'm really excited about is this:


It's a bit rough around the edges still (and I'm trying to help) but I love the concept of taking functional components all the way, which is made possible by having life-cycle events on every element - you no longer need a class/instance just to get the life-cycle callbacks, and that's powerful.

Using the SAM pattern, you can implement the entire view as a pure function of the model:


I have yet to experience first hand how this works out on a real project, but I'm excited!

Note that this isn't about the 1K footprint or even about performance to me - while those are nice side benefits, the main thing I hope to get out of this is just simply front-end code that anyone can read, understand and change 😊👍

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