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Something like Shelf for Dart should be possible with C# for sure - simple, clean, statically-typed. Poking through it's dependencies, this is way less code, fewer concepts and much less complexity than anything I've seen for .NET.

I had my early days of web-development with ASP and IIS 20 years ago, and I know from experience with early versions of ASP.NET MVC under IIS that Microsoft are basically infamous for complicating the HTTP life-cycle, which is really completely trivial if you think about it.

But surely there's gotta be something out there?

If not, maybe that's why so many developers still shy from .NET and C#? I mean, C# is a great language - I learned so many great things from working with this, but the complexity of IIS (which the MVC framework did a poor job at hiding at the time) is meaningless to me.

PHP is a pretty awful language - even the CGI API is terrible, but PSR-7 actually does a really good job hiding it.

That would be one option, I suppose. Just plug into Kestrel and hide it behind a really simple Request => Response middleware interface and forget it exists.

I just hate the idea of having so much useless complexity beneath something very simple though - and not just on principle: I know from experience with PHP that having a lot of complexity in the lowest layers causes real problems. (mangled header-names in $_SERVER, weird edge-cases with header() and so on.)

Surely there must be a C# user out there who feels like I do? :-)


Have a look at ASP .NET Core that now ships with Kestrel ( as well as happy-path NancyFX :

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