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re: "The .NET Framework and other runtime files need to be downloaded (one time)" that sounds to me like the Java in the web of old. As a Linux user I...

If some webapp ask me to install something besides my browser, personally, I'm out.

That's not how this works.

They've ported the .NET run-time to WASM - so this will download and run transparently to the user, just like any other JavaScript framework.

This doesn't bring back any "old browser/runtime incompatibilities" either - as with any JS framework, you'll deploy (or link from a CDN) the version of the framework required by your app.

The framework itself isn't very big compared to most of the bloated mess that gets deployed using bundlers with plain JS today.

when the industry as a whole is trying to standardize and minimize the footprint, this really looks like a huge setback, the comeback of IE only web

No. This is just a framework, built on that same stack of open and standardized technologies.

Also I'm not sure the licensing situation of .NET nowdays but just the fact I'm wondering seems absurd to me; why would anyone (who is not forced to) choose to develope in a restricted platform?

What restrictions?

This is based on .NET Core, not the old .NET - to my knowledge, this entire platform (framework, libraries, tools) is open source with pretty liberal licensing.

Is there something amazing I'm missing here or this is just a tool for those already involved in the MS ecosystem?

Yep, pretty much.

Though what could make this interesting in the longer term, is access to a wide variety of languages (besides C#) that can compile to .NET bytecode.

It's also just interesting to see the kind of fusion of worlds that's happening here - being able to deploy a VM kernel to WASM, just as you'd deploy any normal JS framework or library... It's kind of exciting to see walls between client and server language worlds coming down in this way.

Front end developers have been forced to eat some flavor of JavaScript for decades now - it's just kind of liberating to see something different being added to the menu, finally 😉


Ohh I get it, when I saw "The .NET Framework and other runtime files need to be downloaded (one time)" it felt like when Frodo puts the ring, and I saw The Lidless Eye and it looked back, but I'm not using Windows so that's ok.

I'm glad that is just something related to MS devs, I got rid of Java runtime years ago and I'm not planning to replace it for another.

And yes, I'm also dreaming with a world where you can live without JS. :D

Thanks for the clarification :) , I can go back to my cave now and rest...

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