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Discussion on: Confluence is where information goes to die

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Harold Combs

I've used 'Wikis' since "WikiWiki" was an unknown term. It's not just Confluence, it's a human behavior problem.

This is a generic problem with any system with zero curation and bad search. Information is out there, but you've no idea if what you're looking at is valid.

First, accept that basically anything else is worse. I'll never use Sharepoint again willingly.

That being said, there are some things you can do with your Wiki operations that make things better:

  1. Define "owners" for given pages. This can be a person or (ideally) a team.
  2. Every so often, run a script to mark pages as out-of-date. Ask the owner (see item 1) to re-certify the information (cut them a bug in your bug tracker) and if they don't, move the content to hidden (deleted), and after a year, delete it. You can get it back, but this keeps people on their toes.
  3. Write or enable a system whereby people viewing the information can mark it as wrong or out-of-date. This should cut a bug to the owner (see item 1)

The above basically encourage people to keep pages up-to-date. You're fighting human behavior, not any particular problem with Wiki/Confluence.