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re: I disagree about not listing "outwide of work" activities. Sure, I don't want to hear about what clubs you belong to, or that you like knitting. Ho...

Point taken. "I don't care" is a bit strong, I agree. I do care.

There's a bit more sinister reason.

People put stuff in these sections that allow employers to discriminate without with perfect deniability. Don't give them that opportunity. For example:

  • "Coach of my son's soccer team"
  • "Leader of African Americans in Business Group."
  • "Volunteer at the Catholic Shelter"
  • "Meditation teacher at temple XYZ"

I'm trained (and bound by law) to avoid asking you about any of that in an interview. However, you're handing it to the prospective employer on a platter.

Not a comforting subject to talk about, but it can happen.

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