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Discussion on: "Flutter is better than React Native". Thoughts?

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Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. I learnt quite a few things from it. For starters, I didn't know Dart was built on C++. So that is a great advantage right there. Say you wanted to build an app like Udemy or Kindle, which would you prefer using? React Native or Flutter?

Also, what are your thoughts on flutter for web development?

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For that level id say kotlin / swift, because first off that would be a very big platform and i definitely care about my users having those quick, responsive and the smooth experiences. Plus i dont want to have potential worry about not having access to low level APIs in case i want to expand the system in the future. But for apps smaller than those businesses, it definitely stick with the most efficient solution

As for the your second Q, flutter for web really got me pumped wehn i saw it was coming out soon, but then i started to dig around and took a step back. Its good but frameworks like Vue and NextJS dominate the web domain, but if flutter provides some sick way of doing something better than those, im gonna pick it up.

So my overview, flutter is basically that hyped up over-promised, under-delivered product. Gooe definitely could have done better. But they did it ok. What i mean is, flutter is in its early / infant stage. Id wait for it to mature a bit and become more stable before i use it for my next project. Hope my reply helps :)