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Discussion on: How I Switched Careers Into Tech With No Degree In My Mid 30's

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This is indeed inspirational. I'm in a similar situation. 30+ and started learning coding a year ago. I'm still in a learning process. It's hard, often frustrating and challenging. I have a full time job so I'm coding at night while most of the people enjoying in front of TV watching Netflix or something else.
But at the end I strongly believe the result will make the worth all the struggle.

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Will Johnson Author

It will definitely be worth it, keep showing up and putting in the work!

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Totally agree. I started at 40!

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Brian McBride

The best possible way to learn is to build something YOU want. Going through tutorials, it just doesn't stick the same.

One of my demo projects was building a version of the old Microsoft Minesweeper with explosions and physics. Instead of ending the game when you hit a mine, I "exploded" the nearby area which then changed the map a bit. Simple idea, but complex enough to show problem solving.