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Why you should take the leap into coding right now

So you've been thinking about coding for some time but are holding back on it. Maybe you think it's too hard. Maybe you think you're too old. Maybe you think you just don't have what it takes.

Let's walk this through step by step into what's keeping you back.

Blocker #1: It's too hard.

You know what's good for that? Practicing. And then practicing some more. And a little bit more. Eventually, it will click in and it'll make sense, as with everything in life but first you have to actually do the thing. One of the things I'd recommend you to make peace early on is that you need to grow comfortable with failure and reframe it as growth opportunity. Comfort zone is not where you'd be as there's always something new in tech. You'd be constantly learning and it's ok not to get it right at the first time.

Blocker #2: I need to know all of the things.

It's true that you might like to be aware of new technologies coming up but it's not required for you to know it all and code all of the things perfectly. We are all learning.(See above)

Blocker #3: You have to be super smart to code

I'd argue that more importantly that being smart, you need to be persistent and creative. You need to create habits and cultivate on them. One of the best ways to be consistent about coding if you're starting is to join the #100DaysOfCode conversation on twitter and do a little bit of coding everyday. You don't have to build a full-blown app everyday but you do have to practice. (See above)

Blocker #4: I'm XX year's old / it's too late for me

In this point, I'm right in the same boat with you. I also thought I had missed my chance by not jumping into this sooner. However once I did decided to go all in, I noticed that the only one who thought it was too late was me. The coding community has all ranges of age and all kinds of backgrounds, so don't be discouraged if you are not coming from a certain place or hold certain degree.

If you can code what's required, if you are passionate and persistent, that's all you need. All you have to do to get there is…exactly, practice. It's bound to be some resistance at first because you're getting out of your comfort zone but it's okay to start small. I'm rooting for you! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Blocker #5: Eli, but I don't have a CS degree.

Do not fret my friend! Thankfully the Internet is loaded with resources you can teach yourself with. All you need is setting a bit of time everyday and jump in. Being consistent is key. A very beginner friendly free resource you can start with is FreeCodeCamp or if you're in this for the long run, a coding bootcamp.

There's a lot of options out there that don't require payment until you got a job so if you're serious about this, you've got nothing to lose and all to gain. From personal experience on bootcamps I can recommend you checkout Microverse.

I'd recommend these two options because they already have a curriculum mapped out, which brings me to…

Blocker #6: Ok ok, but where do I start?/ Shouldn't I be learning X instead of Y?

I know it can be very tempting to jump on 'whatever is the newest' wagon but it's always best to start with basics. I'd recommend starting with HTML, CSS and Javascript and then build it up from there to where you want to go. Get your building blocks solid and then, you can go a bit more specific about where you want your journey to take you.

Blocker #7: I'm interested but I don't think I'm cut up for this.

Well, you will only know it if you try. As I was saying earlier, the coding community has people of all different backgrounds and probably lots of them thought the same thing at first. I encourage you to join and find someone you relate to. You don't have to wander alone! We all got your back!

Those are just a few of the blockers I remember I had myself, however there's always going to be one and a million reasons why you shouldn't do something. 

And there's always a reason why you should, that 'why' that won't let you discard the thought completely. Gift yourself pursuing that why. You will get as far as you decide to say 'Yes' to yourself. You got this!

Feel free to reach out for any question, comment or meme.

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Christopher Kade

I'd be curious to see the amount of people who go on DEV and don't already code 😄great read tho

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Elizabeth Villalejos

Originally this was going to be on Medium so I wouldn't have that issue haha. Well, I wanted to reach out to people who might have the bug code for awhile but resist and maybe follow someone on twitter who does code, bump into this. So basically to reach someone like my past self I guess. Also, thank you so much for taking time to comment! :)