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re: I think the alternative to prop drilling is to have the presentational components largely for styling and layout while filling them with children a...

I find what you are saying interesting. I'm just wishing I could see some significant code to represent it. Did you produce a little project anything recently that you'd be able to share that represents current thoughts? Most examples are very terse and I wish that sometimes people happened to have a recent project that someone could review to learn from rather than a few lines of code. Please and thank you


I'm preparing a post. Hopefully ready within a week.

That would be awesome! Thank you. Can I request that the code to review is more than just 4 or 5 lines completely out of context. Would be awesome if there were samples in a post and then a link to a GitHub that relayed a larger more inclusive context to review. That's so so rare and that would be awesome to see especially in the subject we are discussing

Alright, that's a bit of a tall order for a first time blogger and a larger topic ;-)
However I started a post series, the first one just landed:

I will try to expand on it in the next one, i'm considering to use your "hypothetical" application as a basis.

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