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Discussion on: What's your use of Raspberry Pi?

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Moe Long

I have a lot of Raspberry Pi boards: 2 x Raspberry Pi 4 boards (8GB and 4GB) 1 x Raspberry Pi 3 B+, 1 x Raspberry Pi 2, 1 x Raspberry Pi 0W.

I have two Pis set up as retro gaming consoles: A Pi 4 in the NESPi case, and a Pi Zero W in a Gameboy case for a portable retro gaming console.

Aside from that, I use my other Pi 4 for a basic Linux desktop. And my older Pis are used for stuff like a smart home hub with, ad-blocker with Pi Hole, 3D print server using Octoprint, and a VPN server. Have a Pi Plex server I made for my uncle too, ripped his small DVD collection to digitize it, put it on a flash drive, and spun up a Pi NAS.