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Discussion on: What non-dev IT jobs have you had?

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Mitch Pomery (he/him)

My first job was in Fresh Produce. Stacking fruit and veg in the grocery area and preparing them for display. Use to have to just off the bottom of the iceberg lettuces because it took the bad outer leaves off and made them look a lot better for sale.

I left that job to work in an IT shop sweeping floors and cleaning bins. I eventually started doing tech work there to fill the time and admin work (balancing the books, banking, mail). After being a tech I ended up briefly (couple of months) filling the workshop manager role (making sure work got done and customers were called).

My longest non-tech job has got to be in Children's Entertainment. My aunt ran a business and needed someone to balloon twist so I helped her out one weekend. And then kept working for her for the following 7 years. Work was casual and seasonal. There would be months of no work followed by a full on weekend and then no work again. I also did bouncy castles, fairy floss and glitter tattoos. I was working for my aunt up until I moved cities earlier this year.

I worked as an offsider for my dad on his building site one year during the winter and summer uni breaks. I had to get my construction whitecard before I was allowed to start, but now can legally work on building sites! In winter we were putting up the roof trusses during a rainstorm, so were constantly getting drenched. That summer we were up to putting up the tin roof on the 40 degree days with no shade. The house was really well insulated, so even after getting only half the roof on, the inside of it was nice and cool.

I did another stint at a small grocery. They hired me to work evenings in fresh produce and work towards being the night manager, but instead gave me the morning deli shift. I didn't stay there long.