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Discussion on: I choose self-learning!

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Cristhian H. • Edited


something I can recommend is that you try to interact with other devs doing a pair programming or that you try to do code challenges every week. That will keep you constant and accelerate your learning process. Something I like too much about the United States is the strong movement that is generated in programming communities or bootcamps. If you do not have time to go to a bootcamp, you can try one of the sites that I think have the best developers training: frontendmasters.

On the other hand I could start to subscribe to other content here on or in médium ando reddit.
Little by little you will start to delve into more topics and something that allows you to make a constant search to know how much you impact what you learn in what you do every day.

Something that you have to take into account when you learn something, there is not one that does not serve you, on the contrary, over time you realize that what you learned helped you to understand more things more other paradigms in the areas of development