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Discussion on: What Is The Best Linux Os (most stable os) For programming

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Martin Jablečník

Yes and I can install and setup my Linux Mint within 10 minutes..
And how long time it spent when you was install and setup it firstly?
And how long time did you was creating your dotfiles?
I think that beginner doesn't have any dotfiles and I suppose that Gathsara doesn't have a lot of experiences with Linux like you.. ;)

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Darth Womple

Ah you're right in that aspect, I actually failed my first Arch install and wiped important data haha, I cried and went back to Windows 7...but that was 8 years ago and I was 10

I do agree a Mint installation is faster, but as I said: so much bloat!
But I am also one of the lucky few who has had no problems installing Nvidia drivers haha. My dotfiles took so long to make cuz I work on a highly customised fish and i3 workstation. My dotfiles were built over months of work, created whenever I wanted a certain functionality

I guess you're right, Arch may not be the best for a complete beginner, but I personally feel anyone can switch to it after a month or two of using Ubuntu/Manjaro daily

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Gathsara Author

Thank You very Much For Your Answer..!

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