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Discussion on: CPAN utils

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Mark Gardner • Edited

I use cpan-outdated along with cpm to update my modules in parallel, saving time.

% cpan-outdated -p | xargs cpm install --global --verbose --test
92935 DONE resolve   (0.332sec) List::Util -> Scalar-List-Utils-1.56 (from MetaDB)
92936 DONE resolve   (0.354sec) Moose -> Moose-2.2015 (from MetaDB)
92935 DONE fetch     (0.448sec) Scalar-List-Utils-1.56
92935 DONE configure (0.597sec) Scalar-List-Utils-1.56
92936 DONE fetch     (1.055sec) Moose-2.2015
92936 DONE configure (8.329sec) Moose-2.2015
92935 DONE install   (8.858sec) Scalar-List-Utils-1.56
92935 DONE install   (129.369sec) Moose-2.2015
2 distributions installed.
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