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I've been at similar crossroads as well - I grew up taking notes on pen & paper, but I'll occasionally try typing my notes somewhere. I've found that I always lean towards pen & paper for two reasons:

1) I'm a kinesthetic learner (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinesthetic_...). For important take-aways of any lecture, article, meeting and whatnot, I need to physically write down those points and visually see myself writing them so that it's easier for me to recall. It also forces me to re-read whatever I'm writing multiple times, which allows me to decipher it at different angles and fully digest the message.

2) Pen & paper are easier to access for me. Even with my cellphone handy, when I need to iterate over an idea, I like to grab a pen and paper and get writing because waiting that extra second to wait for an android note app to load can be excruciating sometimes. So my desk at work is covered with sticky notes and looseleaf paper with agendas, notes, and references for any WIP.

The only times I'll use my phone to take notes (and I'm a basic birch, I use Google Keep like most others) is when a pen and paper are not accessible/inconvenient to use.

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