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Discussion on: What is a Full-Stack Developer? A personal experience

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Judy Cha

Thanks for this awesome article, Tamara. I love being able to read the opinions of seasoned programmers. I'm pretty much of the same opinion as you - it doesn't matter what you label yourself, as long as you can deliver as advertised.

I used to keep the generic term "developer" for myself until more recently, when I started calling myself "fullstack". The big reason behind that was, non-devs have no idea what "developer" means. At meetups, I'd be asked what I do, and I would say that I write server side and client side code. "Oh, so you're fullstack?" Sure, why not.

I find that this is kinda like the concept of fight club - most devs quietly agree that the term "fullstack" is full of sh** but we let it slide, because the composition of web development is too vast for a layperson to understand.