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Discussion on: Applying for First Job as a Self-Taught Developer?

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Mikhail Korolev

Position yourself as "willing to learn" junior developer. Have a strong fundamental knowledge of skills that are required. In general, you might want to look for a position like this in large companies: they tend to hire more of this kind since they have the power and resources to teach a beginner and consider the risk of them leaving the job for better opportunities in 1-2 years (or growing within the company).

Be prepared to get a lot of possibly boring things done, in addition to the experience you'll be getting. Be prepared to not getting paid a top dollar at the beginning.

GitHub serves as a great portfolio as well, having something to show off earns you big bonus points. Open-source contributions are often being looked at, plus, it's a great way to show your work and it does not require you being hired anywhere. Sometimes even the commit history can at least tell that you are constantly coding and doing something. Good luck!

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Ryan Doyle Author

Thanks! Makes me happy my GitHub profile shows I've been doing things for a while now.