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Discussion on: How to build your own blog in 2020 today

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Wow, Tom, thank you so much! And welcome to the newsletter. Glad to have you aboard.

For the blog design, I started by building it from scratch, but after doing a bit of reading on blogs, I scratched that idea and used Squarespace to get something out immediately and evolve it as I went. Basically any small business who goes to me looking for a site, I tell them to just make a Squarespace site and to not stray far from the templates and example pages; if they do that, they can look like a designer. 😁 So I just took my own advice.

That said, my thought with the color scheme was this: a pinkish orange is cozy and nurturing, which is a color I do not see at all in tech (so breaking some norms!). But the dark backgrounds of the blog posts brings it back to a more traditional tech look. I chose big fonts and typography since a problem in software topics is that we only have so many stock photos of people on computers. The DEV community gets that, too, and is smart for including only headlines in its feeds.