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Discussion on: Blogging Goals

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Thanks for sharing this, Corey!

I've been binging on all the content about blogging I can find since starting Books on Code at the beginning of this month. Also, before I went deeper into tech doing development and technical writing, I wrote blog posts professionally for an enterprise software marketing company.

Here are a couple thoughts:

First thought

For the most part none of us is an authority on anything except our personal experiences and opinions. As such we should be careful about presenting things that assert themselves as law.

Someone who's living in a chaotic home can blog about the journey of getting organized. As long as we are personally invested in it and authentic, I don't think expertise is required to start. "Asserting things as law" can be a turnoff, but often just "asserting things" has an implicit "I believe", and being assertive is more important than sounding unsure if you want a following.

Second thought

There's a why for each individual post, but I'm wondering about the "why" in general. Why blog? The bigger why is so important to inform other posts.

Third thought

The missing ingredient:
organization and structure. 😊