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I've been working now for ~2y with their API for work and I agree with the mentioned advantage.

It's very useful to be able to quickly test something with a simple URL call in browser or cURL, the documentation is actually really intuitive after working a bit with it.
They provide really good examples and after working on some projects with the Google API I actually started missing the FB structure.

I still find sometimes, but rare, functions that are not or not well documented but because of the consistent format I'm always able to figure out how it should be used.

They actually have different ids for some objects, for example you can have a FB user id, app scoped user id, business scoped user id and it's a bit confusing in the beginning as they don't provide matchings as far as I know.
But I actually don't think it's something you will come across when not working with the Business side.

I actually really like their API & documentation and and it's very simple compared to other APIs to quickly create something useful

Great article! :)


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