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I have a question, what should I do if I end up receiving too much responses for the proposals I send ?, for example I sent 20 proposals and then I get 8 interested clients, and that's probably more than I can handle, but neither I want to lose that potential client.


That's a very good problem to have! Usually only a few would want to move forward. I typically prioritize the client who is best at communicating, giving details, etc... Also what is mostly aligned with my skills. For the other people that also want to work with you, ask if they mind waiting until you have more bandwidth. Usually once people decide on a person they like, they don't mind waiting. If they choose to not wait, let them go and just reach back out once you do have bandwidth since they did express interest. They may still need more help.


:) hey nice ! thanks for your response, really trying to reach out any doubts before I get this freelancing path a shot... I'll probably still have questions once I get started jajaja.

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