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Mpho Mphego
Mpho Mphego

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Python Regex help?

string = 'R31.99Save\xa05.00'

I would like to strip only 'R31.99' using regular expressions.

Using regular expressions, can someone help on how would I do this?

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Soumya Ghosh Dastidar

If you are sure about the string being Save you can just use string.split('Save')[0] to get the token you need.

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Mpho Mphego

Found a solution:

re.findall(r'[R]+\d+\.?\d*', 'R31.99Save\xa05.00')  

Returns: ['R31.99']
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Derek Enos

If that first character is only ever going to be a single 'R', you can replace the [R]+ in the regex with just R:

>>> re.findall(r'R\d+\.?\d*', 'R31.99Save\xa05.00')

Any character in the pattern that doesn't have some special regex meaning will match the character itself.