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Machine freezing while developing react app

Moataz Mohammady
a web developer from Egypt. I spend my days with my hands in many different areas of web development from back end programming (PHP / Laravel) to front end
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last week my machine start hanging while I'm developing react app.

Machine specifications

Alt Text

I thought this happening because :-

1) I'm using PHPSTORM (for the back end) and webstorm (for frontend) so I restarted my machine and didn't open any of those IDEs and started the application via chrome / Firefox but also freezed.

2) My coworker asked me to install and check the processes, also we checked the pc cooling system but also freezed.

3) I disabled all chrome extensions using this extension but also freezed.

Today (first work day)
3) I write down this script to kill chrome if available memory less than 1GB and when I start developing I found chrome hanging and closed when I pressed a button

Finally I noticed that I typed bad reducer behavior that made like an infinity loop :) that's it

I think this can help in cases like this

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Viney Rawat

I'm also running from same problem.