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Michael Myers
Michael Myers

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My Journey From ZERO To GOT AN OFFER In Tech Company

Hello, I'm Michael Myers, called devmoek. I've been learning programming since 2020. It's almost 2 years from my first line of code. I understood that coding is what I want to do in my life and I started to learn a lot of new things. First things first was HTML. I learned the basics in college with professor. She taught me how to write code better. In parallel with HTML I learned CSS. I like CSS so much. I don't understand how people coded websites without CSS like 10 years ago.

I wanted to code a website from layout. My first project was a website about movies and TV-shows. Yes, it was kind of dumb idea to take the website with sign in, sign up, rating, movies sorting and other JS and PHP functions. By the way, I took a course that help me to code it. I got a lot of practices with that. In the website I used HTML with Bootstrap 4, CSS, JS, PHP.

After that course I started to learn programming on a lot of websites such as Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, Codecademy, etc. I just wanted to try all of them to choose the most handy for me. I chose freeCodeCamp. For my opinion, it's one of the best resource to learn programming. At this time I learning basic JS, I'm on 70%.

With freeCodeCamp I coded a portfolio website for myself. Check how it looks.

After 1 year and 6 months I thought that I'm ready for freelancing. I created a profile on Fiverr and Upwork. I feel hard to write a description, but after time I did it. It's been a while after taking first message, yes, first message, not an order.

Last month I didn't search a freelance projects, I was focused on finding a job. Some people text me, but I don't know. They are strange. They like hey can you create a WordPress website and I like yes I can, what's your preferences? And they just ignore me 🙃. Can somebody explain this?

In parallel with freelance, I coded a "big boy". That was a website using HTML, CSS, JS, a lot of PHP, without frameworks. A website for dental clinic. That was a contract / a project for my college graduation exam. It took 6 months to code it. And it's not 100% ready at this moment. In the project I think it will be good if I create an admin panel with PHP functions like edit, add, delete rows from table. That was my idea. And sign up / sign in form was too as well. I thought a lot about how to realize this more conveniently for clients. You can check the code on GitHub.

If you have some advices, I'll be happy to hear it.

After my graduation from college I decided to move forward. But first I took a one month break. I edited my profile on Fiverr and Upwork after holidays. I rewrite description in each gigs / projects, change profile picture, change the prices. Ever since, I created [tech Instagram profile (, if more precisely I change my old profile to new. In this profile I'm posting about Freelance, Web Development, Blogging, some information about me.

That was a really good time, I started writing, continue to shoot a videos on my YouTube channel, and so on.

Following this, I started to think about joining in some team. I had one try to find a job 8 months ago. I shot a video about this. I made English subtitles, so you can watch it.

By the way I need your advice, what is better, to create English subtitles on my Russian videos or to shoot a videos in English. Please, let me know.

Check my YouTube video how I tried to got a junior developer position.

I uploaded a resume on headhunter, it's a job board like indeed, linkedin, etc. After some days I've got first offers such as HTML developer, Shopify Developer, JavaScript Developer, Front-end Developer. What about the last one, I don't know what they mean about front-end developer, all of these positions are front-end. The last one I declined, because they are located in another city, and took the exercises from the other companies.

Junior Web Developer. On the interview we talked about HTML, JS, JSON, a little bit of backend. And I said that I'm not a backend guy, I prefer frontend more :) (sorry backend guys).

CEO asked me some questions

  1. What is BEM;
  2. What's the difference between span and div;
  3. About my previous projects, what I used in projects;
  4. About my English level (maybe you doesn't know, I'm a Russian).

After several days the HR Manager said that I need to complete an exercise to take another step. I did it in 6 days. After exercise review they are said that...

I GOT THIS JOB🥳🎉🎊. I am a Junior Web Developer.

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Let me know in the comments what do you think about my new position.

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