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re: Some queries out of curiosity. may be some of this will be answered if/when I try it out. Companies usually have a common authentication provider...

I'll try to answer each of your questions.

  1. We currently support Google, Github & form login. We are planning to add integrations to Okta, SAML & LDAP as well in the future. This is in the pipeline.

  2. For on-prem, it's free! 🎉 You can self-host the application by running a single installation script. Check out: docs.appsmith.com/quick-start#docker for details on self-hosting.

  3. Yes, you can absolutely build just the frontend while having full control of your backend code. You can integrate with any custom APIs that you already have. With DB integrations like Mongo/Postgresql, Appsmith doesn't really create any APIs. It allows you to run custom queries against the DB directly and use the results in the frontend app.

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