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Arpit Mohan Ask Me Anything

The highs of entrepreneurship have generally remained the same as my robot hardware hacking days:

  1. Watching an idea come to life. The first customer going live on the new platform/product is always a jittery butterfly-in-stomach experience.
  2. Someone recommending my own product to me without knowing that I was the founder. :D It's an incredible ego-boost when you realize that you've done something right.


  1. Having to let go of most of our team when we pivoted the product. No matter how old I get, this still hurts me the most. The team put their faith in the founders and we let them down. It's never easy.
  2. Having to explain to the business team that the systems crashed because they did a really good job on marketing and the tech didn't hold up. Even though the business team was extremely supportive, you feel very guilty of letting the team down.

My biggest takeaway from this journey has been that entrepreneurship is a marathon. Maximizing short-term gains doesn't make sense. If you do right by your team and other people you work with, you'll reap exponential benefits in the long run.