Discussion on: Tips to effectively scale engineering teams

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Arpit Mohan Author

I totally agree that having a base process eases some of the growing pangs. Over a period of time, we internalize some of these processes and start doing them even in our personal projects that nobody will ever see.

Obviously any process is accompanied by the caveat: "Is this necessary at this juncture?" It's imperative for all of us to be objective and flexible to be add/remove process steps when they no longer serve the purpose that they set out to fulfill.

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James Eastham

I agree 100%! It's important to constantly re-evaluate processes to make sure they are still relevant or if they need expanding to become more supportive.

It's a great point on internalizing into personal projects, unit tests is a big one for me. I try and write them no matter how small the application is (and I'm still not great).

A small utility app in Git doesn't NEED tests, but it's a good habit to build upon.