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What's a Full-Stack Development

Hmmm.... that's really a good question to ask. If you ask me hey Ikram what's a full-stack development I would say... ok fine just image both of us going to a restaurant to get a pizza and going inside the restaurant and found a nice pice with a good view to have our pizza after that the waiter comes to ask like

waiter: "sir what would you like to have"

Ikram: I would like to have a medium size veg pizza and you my friend

My buddy(that's you my friend): I would like to have a medium size pepperoni pizza with some extra cheese

waiter: ok sir the order will be ready in a few minutes

After giving our orders the waiter goes inside the kitchen and informs the chef inside to prepare two pizzas of our requirement and there the chef prepares it .when the pizza is ready the waiter gets it form the chef and servers it to us and says enjoy your meal sir

And that's the end of our story Oops forget to mention that the pizza was really good.

Wait my friend its not just a story ,with this yummy story I will explain what full-stack development is

  • Frontend: Just image the interiors of the hotel is the frontend part of the hotel, this which we see visually in a website same as the hotel is our frontend part .We cant go inside and see what's in the kitchen unless an otherwise we have an authorization (i.e. chefs and staffs who work can enter inside) likewise the part which we visually see in a website like the contents ,images etc. are called as the front end part of a web application

  • Server: The Waiter is the server for the hotel, i.e. server in simple terms is explained as the connecting bridge between our frontend and our backend like our waiter gets our order from us and informs the chef what to prepare and again delivers the prepared food to us form the kitchen

  • Backend: you are great my friend you guessed it correctly the kitchen here is the backend for our hotel where you cant see what's happening behind the kitchen how our pizza is prepared we only get our finished product too yummy hot pizza in our table likewise you cant see where the data is being stored in the website like the credentials which you give to login which are not visible to us and they are stored in the backend safely.Even in simpler terms things that you cannot see in a website come under the backend part

Now my friend I think what's a frontend backend and a server
these three are separate fields of work you can get a job or freelance by experiencing in a particular field and developing your skills and you can be called a front end developer, backend developer, server engineer, junior frontend developer, senior backend developer according to your position and experience in it

And the best part comes now when you learn all three of them i.e. the frontend backend and server-side together you are called a full-stack developer

Congratulation's my friend for taking the first step to learning what you desire

I hope I have explained what you asked more simply and easily and if have any further queries regarding where to start the journey for learning full-stack development I will share with you the roadmap to becoming a full-stack developer in the next article until then it's your good loving friend signing off sayonara

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