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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v28

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Mitchell Mohorovich • Edited

Hey everyone! I'm Mitchell and I'm a Software Development Engineer currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

I'm new to the industry and I'm looking for ways to continue learning post-graduation, ideally working on projects related to urbanism, urban planning and land use analysis where I can leverage my tech background. I was hoping to be able to find likeminded people on here!

Cheers 👋

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Maegan Wilson

Howdy! What type of stack do you work with?

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Nate Munson

Hey! Nice to meet you! I think the use of tech in urban planning and land use is incredibly fascinating.

To follow up on Maegan's question--what's your stack?

Also, what is a specific project you're really into right now--whether it be your own, or an external project being done elsewhere?