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Discussion on: 5 Reasons Why I Quit My Job And Started Freelancing

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Michael Hoffmann Author • Edited on

Very good and valid question and this topic would be worth a separate blog post ;-)

But as a short summary, until now I did the following steps:

  • Registered on all available freelancer web platforms I could find
  • Register email search agents on job search platforms
  • Directly contacted former colleagues and companies I worked with
  • Go to conferences, meetups, etc. and directly ask people there if they need help
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If you write a another blog post I would be interested for sure ;)

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Jaime Rios

Basically, I often asked myself: “Why should I do the same job for less money?“.

Such a hard question. I kind of feel the same way lately.

I agree with @krisaore , I think that a follow up sharing how you get started will be valuable. Thanks for sharing!