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Discussion on: Switching from Memcache to Redis and Some Tips on Caching

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Molly Struve (she/her) Author

The advantage to having the keys change is that you never need to worry about updating or deleting them which can add a lot of code complexity. Instead, if I have a user with an id and followed_at timestamp that I use to store follower_count then any time that last_followed_at timestamp changes(ie a follower is added or removed) my cache request will create a new key to store the new count.

Rails.cache.fetch("user-follow-count-#{id}-#{last_followed_at.rfc3339}", expires_in: 1.hour) do 

The real advantage here is that Rails has this handy fetch method which will default look for a key, if it is there return it, if it is not it will set it. This means we can do ALL the work we need to with this key in this single fetch block rather than having to set up a set AND del command.