The Chrome Extension All Devs Need

Molly Nemerever on July 22, 2019

We know that developers play a critical role in how the internet is shaped today - from content to functionality to accessibility. But how mindful ... [Read Full]
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There's a WebAIM official one called Wave! It's also available on Firefox, so that's what I use. Axe by Deque even features a mobile app for testing! An extension to check contrast (I use Kontrast) and one to adjust for color blindness is also important. Lighthouse Audits are also really useful, but as I'm sure you already know, there's a good amount of accessibility audit tests that need to be done manually. Thanks for the write up on Continuum!


Thanks for sharing additional tools Charlie - I'll have to check those out! Color contrast is so important and often overlooked - thanks for shedding light on that topic as well.


Doesn't Chrome do this natively through Lighthouse audits?


Hi Henry! I'm not very familiar with the Lighthouse audits, but I'll play around with it. It is great that there are multiple tools to check accessibility!


It's in Chrome's dev tools.

They actually check all kinds of stuff. Looks like 46 different checks for accessibility, alone.


Check out sharetab extension. Very handy tool to share current tab link with team mates.


Great article, I'm totally going to check this out. I usually just go with eslint-jsx-a11y with my linting, and then run a Lighthouse audit after it's together 😎👍

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