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Discussion on: Why I Gave Up Freelancing to Become an Employee 😱

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Ola' John Ajiboye • Edited

I really like the honesty and perspective. I also freelanced for about 2years albeit not that successfully. I felt my skills didn't really grow and had some issues when applying for full-time roles. I just didn't get the big picture of working with large complex teams.

It is also true that my skills didn't grow as significantly as it could have. I was not an expert at anything. Today I would be working on legacy JQuery code, tomorrow Vue, then a client throws in React. One time I had to use FetaherJS with a 24hr notice, then I never touched it again. The bright side it enhances my ability to learn and adapt to technologies as fast as they come.

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Jamees Bedford Author

For sure :) We always have to find positives and a bright side of any situation!