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Discussion on: Why your website should work without JavaScript.

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Ben Sinclair • Edited on

Re your accessibility point,

Some people find it easier to navigate the web with javascript switched off. There's less distractions.

for me is more like, this site could be ok, but someone's gone and replaced all the navigation with some custom scripted stuff that doesn't behave like I expect it to, my tab stops are all over the place, and half the links aren't... links. They're div elements someone's attached events to because they think it's clever. I see this a lot.

If you take the extra time to make your JS-powered site run as well as a generic HTML site, that's ok, I guess, but seems a bit pointless.

Say your bakery gets 250 visitors every day. You sell a lot of pies. Life is good. At the same rates we're talking here, you're turning away a wheelchair user three or four times a week. Or even a couple per day, depending which number I picked. But you're not just saying, "sorry, we can't fit your chair through the door, can I bring you something out?", you're blanking them and talking to other people in the queue. You're saying you don't want them in your shop.

The question I'd put to a lot of designers/developers is, "why did you design this to exclude people?"

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Patrick Charles-Lundaahl

100% all of this. Doubly so if your website offers a crucial service that could ever be important to anyone in a time of need who does not have access to high-powered devices (utilities, phone service providers, hospitals and clinics, emergency services, etc.)