Discussion on: I Finally Own JackHarner.com Again!

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Ben Sinclair

I've had a lot of fun domain names in the past. I let zerofucks.co expire (which I used to use exclusively for recruitment purposes) but ironically I couldn't be bothered to renew it and now it's someone else's.

I'm sitting on the.littlest.website with no clue what to do with it, but I plan on making something more interesting out of my favourite hostname, index.html.amidoingthisright.website when I get the chance. For now it's just a pile of deliberate wrongness.

I use notareal.email for email correspondence with people or services I don't like (e.g. throwaway@notatreal.email, noreply@, fakename@, etc.) and surprisingly few reject me... but some do. The interesting thing about that domain is that because I'm using a catchall, I get other people's signups who have put in fake email addresses that match my domain. Turns out there are a lot of odd people out there.

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Jack Harner 🚀 Author

notareal.email is awesome. I've had sites that reject an email just for doing the tagging jack+[whoeverthefuck]@harnerdesigns.com. I should probably just set up a catch all on that domain, but I'd rather not get all the junk shot to admin@ and webmaster@.