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How easy it was.

Bear with me. It wasn't easy, in fact parts of it had me stumped, but after having had unrelated jobs for years I took the plunge. I'd always having thought, "I could never do this professionally, it must be so much harder than my hobbyist programming". It wasn't, it was just different.

How hard I'd make it seem to myself.

I made the rookie mistake of thinking the world balanced on my shoulders. Project managers told me that unless "we" fixed "X" by tomorrow, then feature "Y" wouldn't ship and we'd all be in trouble. Even though I should have known better, and that we could never possibly get "X" finished and tested by tomorrow, I'd stay up all night working is spits and spats and worrying in the spaces. Now I've been in the industry for years, I can see newly-minted programmers coming in with the same worries, and I tell them, hey, it's just a product, or just a website. Nobody's going to die if you don't get the menu to work responsively before next week.

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