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Discussion on: What would you like to see on your DEV profile?

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Ben Sinclair

Well I was going to come here to say we could do with a Mastodon link, but it turns out that's been added since the last time I looked, so yay for that.

I'll poke the bear and say it's got a bug - it's the only icon to have a title tag, which just reads "mastodon icon" so I suspect that's an oversight?

I don't use my profile for anything. I wouldn't share it with anyone except on a reciprocal site (so for how we have links to twitter, I might put a link to my profile on twitter), but it's not something I'd go out of my way to show people. If I was introducing someone to the site, I'd point them to an article I liked or the main page.

Something that might be fun could be a drawing. You know the thing on the network error page where you can doodle away? Maybe you could have a spot for doing that when you're bored and the latest one appears as a sort of status.

I think we can't talk about the profile page without bringing in the profile panel that accompanies posts.

You know how it's almost (but not quite) the same? Both have "work", "location", "education" and "joined", but the profile page has "email" and the info panel here has "+follow". I'd like to see them both have the same information. I'd also make things linkable, or taggable, so that "Washington, DC" links to a feed of posts from other people who have that as a location, or links to posts tagged with it. That would be great for arranging meetups and conferences and so on, without particularly inviting people to become stalkers.

I'd change the "joined" date, because it's the least useful piece of information. Sure it's interesting to see someone's been on the site for a while, but we have badges for that already, and nobody cares if you joined on Oct 25 or Oct 24. The specificity is really odd. When you made that post about people's CVs it's a point I kept bringing up - people don't need to be specific. It might be friendlier to say "joined: last summer" or something fuzzier, or just to skip it at all. It feels a bit like the info panel needed to look busier and so someone picked the only other bit of public-safe data they could.

How about something about other things you like? In the same vein as liking posts or pinning your own to your profile (as others have said) it'd be cool to be able to promote other people's posts in a little side-panel. Maybe using the unicorn or something - so people seeing your profile could see the last few posts other people made that you thought were coolest.

Sorry this is a bit rambling, I'm insert excuse right now.