I don't think that the corrected comment in point 2 is any better than the one it replaces.

Public void DisplayTutorial() //Displays window

That's redundant, and if it's not then it's a smell that the method should be called DisplayTutorialWindow or something instead.

I'm not sure any of your "related articles" are related in any way other than they're written by you? Are they just spam?


They are related to programming and how to succeed in life.
Check them out and see πŸ˜‰


Methods that are never called should be discarded. Keeping dead code around is wasteful. Don’t be afraid to delete the function. Remember, your source code control system still remembers it.

Related Article: Get Rich While Sleeping


The title is tricky.
If you read it, you will find that in the article, all I talk about is programming.

The title is tricky.
That's not exactly true. It is a link to a page about getting rich quick, though that page doesn't offer any real advice.

in the article, all I talk about is programming.
That's not true at all. You have three sections, each of which exists to provide a link to another unrelated get-rich-quick page, and only one of which is called "programming".

And it doesn't talk about programming. It says you can make money in your sleep if you publish an app. You can do the same if you publish a book, by the way, this isn't related to programming.

This linked page has nothing whatsoever to do with your preceding paragraph, and calling it a "related article" is misleading to say the least.

hmmmmmm, I appreciate your comment, I will take it into consideration in my next articles.
If you didn't like it, you can simple close the tab and skip it :)

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