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Discussion on: Email client for MAC. Which one?

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Ben Sinclair

I think that Mac isn't an acronym :P

Seriously, though, I use gmail for work, because that's what my company provides and anything I use as a client is just going to use IMAP off Google anyway. So no native client for me!

For personal use, I have a few web email addresses but to be honest, I don't use email very much. Tickets are handled by a cloud-based ticketing system (or something like Jira) and threaded conversations happen on Slack. Wherefore email?

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Artemiy Gazizyanov Author • Edited on

Yes, you are right according to Mac isn`t an acronym.
I guess, I wanted to emphasize that I am the user of the Mac OS, and apparently, overdid it 😊

I'm using an email client for work and other communications. Right now all my businesses can't be done through systems like Jira.