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re: I can totally understand this point of view. IMO, it's great and quick for bootstrapping, but I image in the long run you'd really want to create r...

It's teaching people that the whole concept of "separation of style and content" is irrelevant.

Imagine if your site had a christmassy theme (a not-uncommon client request). How many places do you have to change templates? If you're using a CMS with something like Gutenberg (also something I have strong objections to) then you're stuck with the HTML in the database. You can't do a search and replace in your templates to fix it.

Speaking of searching and replacing - if you want to replace all instances of "blue" with "red" that are on a person's username, in semantic CSS you'd edit one file and change "blue" to "red". In Tailwind, you'd edit any number of files, that you can't easily search for because "blue" is a very common word, and so is "user".

Absolutely. I don't think it should be used like this either.

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