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re: Top unpopular opinion: I can still be more productive and integrate web apps much faster when using vanilla JS and jQuery than literally ANY JS fra...

I'm not sure either of those are unpopular:

It's definitely quicker and easier to do things without a framework up to a certain point, at least.

Anyone who only learns X is going to be at a disadvantage when they play with the other alphabet blocks.


I meant unpopular in the sense that everybody seems to favor using a framework now instead of also understanding that the basic principles still hold. And well honestly I'm trying to learn Svelte now and well I could embedded a Google maps map on a page in 5 minutes using JS for example but in Svelte there's some restrictions on how components are mounted, how files are defined, etc... I wonder if in the end for a similar result, the code won't end up being harder to work with

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