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Discussion on: StackOverflow isn't as useful anymore? I use GitHub more often.

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Ben Sinclair

It's the fact that more and more projects have their documentation and issues in a place you're already familiar with.
It's not that SO is less useful, it's that you're using more projects which have their base on GitHub. Any source repository that got popular would see this effect. Before this, people would have to search for the package they were having trouble with and then look on its website to see what VCS or issue tracker it might use, and in many cases, learn how to use it. Now lots and lots of people use git, and - for better or worse - lots of these projects have their home on GitHub.

People have the same problems they did before. It's not that you're "getting better as a developer". I mean, that might be true but it has nothing to do with the migration to GitHub.

Most developers will have a GitHub account and be familiar with the basics of how to search for an issue.
Problems which are purely programming related or which might involve a different package than the one you thought you needed - these are questions for SO. Asking how to do something that's slightly off-topic on a project on GitHub will usually get you shut down with a "not our problem" response.