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Hello fellow Sarah!

I'm brand new to the tech field, making a career as well. I'm finishing up the code bootcamp I started in January. I'm going to use our regular class time as dedicated study time when we are finished. I've got a long list projects that I'm excited to work on, topics to research and I'm saving as many job postings as I can find. I'm working on making this career development and learning time a habit so that I will stay productive outside of class. I just got done reading Atomic Habits and I think following the suggestions in that book will be a game changer for me!


Hello Sarah! I actually have Atomic Habits in my long list of books to read, and this reply motivated me to jump on Amazon and order it, so thank you! And congrats on taking the leap into tech! Nearing the end of your bootcamp is a huge milestone, celebrate it! Do you find that certain times of the day are most productive for you? Morning vs afternoon vs night? Also, starting conversations with some companies now before you graduate may be a good idea. If you haven't gone to many virtual meetups yet, try to fit those into your schedule too. You'll definitely make some great connections!


I feel like I'm most productive in the morning, but I absolutely have to get enough sleep for that to happen. Otherwise it's a wash. I can get some good work done in the afternoon too once I get into my office space. I used to do a lot work at night in college, but I've shifted away from that. What about you?

I've been going to meet ups and will continue to do so. I'm fortunate to have a community organization here that fosters those relationships.

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